Pastor Christine Shippey

Pastor Christine Shippey

Christine Shippey

In 1990, Christine Shippey received a very powerful and intense call into the Ministry. For over 18 years, she has faithfully served the Lord as an Associate pastor, a gifted Praise and Worship Leader and a prolific Bible Teacher. During these years, she has moved in a Prophetic Anointing, while conducting local Healing Revivals.

In 2007, the Lord opened an unexpected door within the Texas Prison system. Prison ministry had never really interested Pastor Shippey, but after preaching a few services, something began to tug on her heart. During intense times of intercession, she began to hear the groaning of the prisoners…her heart began to beat as God’s heart, and a compassion she didn’t understand began to constrain her. She could not escape the sights and sounds of the prisoners without realizing that she must become a part of Christ’s Divine Commission:

Ps 102; 19-20 “For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the LORD behold the earth; 20 To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death.” KJV

As a result of this profound experience within the prison systems, Pastor Shippey felt God leading her to pioneer a Faith Based, Christ Centered, Rehab program. Thus Covenant with Christ International, Inc. was founded to facilitate the Covenant with Christ Rehabilitation Center.

Currently, Covenant with Christ is involved daily in many outreaches through their retail center called Covenant Resale. This is a local missions store, operated solely by donations from the local community. Covenant Resale gives away clothing, furniture and various merchandise for free to the needy and those who have lost their home due to fire or other traumatic events, they help clients by case working for placement in programs or those seeking medical help, work with the local homeless population, assists in operating a local food pantry to give away enough food for three days to each family in need up to twice a month and help in many other ways to show the love of Christ.

Pastor Shippey holds monthly evangelistic services in the prisons, serves as the Academic Dean of Covenant with Christ School of Ministry in Cleveland, Texas a two-year training and equipping school designed to equip and send out ministers to reach others. She continues to evangelize and participate in humanitarian efforts locally and globally. Conducting Gospel Crusades and outreaches to those in Uganda, Africa. Pastor Shippey will again do missions work in Uganda this August of 2015 and in India December of 2015.

Pastor Shippey is an Ordained Minister with Independent Assemblies. On a more personal note, Christine and Dwayne Shippey have been married for 28 years. The Shippey’s are the proud parents of 2 boys, 26 year old Dustin who graduated Texas A & M, and 21 year old, Clint who graduated Aviation Institute of Maintenance.

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